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How many of you found your dog or cat’s belly button?  How many of you even tried?

Did you know that each pup in a litter has it’s own placenta, unless they are identical, then they share one placenta,  

Visiting your doctor

Visiting your doctor can be intimidating, especially if you feel there is something wrong.  You may have procrastinated about seeing your doctor, (no news is good news, right).

Having been an R.N. for thirty nine years I have witnessed anxiety and denial, both of which can add to your symptoms of something wrong.

Remember no one knows your body as well as you do.  Your doctor will rely on what you tell him/her, plus lab values and other diagnostic tools.  This is why it is important to tell your doctor exactly what you are feeling.  Describing pain as sharp, dull, achy or throbbing, as well as giving it a number on a scale of one to ten with ten being the most severe pain is most helpful.

If you have not felt well for awhile, keep a log of diet and activities that may precipitate discomfort.  This log could be kept while waiting for your scheduled doctor appointment.

Anything that you know is “just not right” is worth mentioning to your doctor.  It may be “I get a little short of breath lately after going up stairs”, or “I’ve noticed I have a some pain in my stomach and it goes away when I lie down” are just a few examples.

Of course, any emergency should be dealt with immediately by calling 911 or going directly to the ER.  

Have a healthy life.




Today I celebrate my son’s fiftieth birthday.  Of course like any mother every detail of that day is remembered as if it happened yesterday.

Fifty years ago father’s  were not allowed in the delivery room or even in the labor room.  Fathers were left in waiting room, every once in awhile someone would report on progress made toward delivery.

Mothers were left to strangers to help them through labor and delivery and if it was a busy day you spent most of that time alone.  This was to be my second child so I knew what to expect.  There was no Lamaze training and no family to support me during the twelve hours before my son made his appearance.

Of course the sex of my child was unknown til he arrived.   My husband was told, by the doctor, it was a boy, 7 lb.12 oz. and 21 inches long.  It was only after we were cleaned up and left delivery room on our way to our room (4 to a room), that he was able to see his newborn son.

I was settled in my room with three other mothers and our children were separated from us, taken to the nursery.   Us mothers got our babies for feedings and there were no visitors allowed during that time, not even the fathers.  We were not allowed out of bed while we had our babies with us.

My hospital stay was three days, leaving on the fourth day after admission.  The nurse brought my son into the room and she is the one who dressed him to go home, he was placed in my arms (I was in wheelchair), for the ride home.

No baby car seats at that time.  He rode in my arms in front seat.

Today, Dads are involved from the very beginning, starting with Lamaze classes.  Ultra sounds will tell you sex of baby if you choose to know.  I personally like the surprise of what you will have.

Labor is still labor, however, having the father sharing this event is certainly the better way, as I know with the birth of my third son.

Today, Dads are not only are in delivery room but often assist and cut the umbilical cord.  Dads often are the first parent to hold the newborn.

Private rooms with baby, both parents get to share in meeting baby’s needs such as feeding and diaper changing . A whole lot of bonding which is a good thing.

Times have changed dramatically in fifty years.

Happy Birthday son.






Then and Now: Weddings



I was married over fifty years ago and remembering planning my wedding is interesting comparing “then and now”.

One of the big changes is registration for wedding gifts.  I remember going to the J.L.Hudson store, downtown Detroit to select my Fine China, Crystal and Silverplate dinnerware.  This was pretty much what the registry was all about, place settings were expensive and someone could get one or two place settings, or two or more of your crystal, [mine was registering for water, champagne and wine].   With the luck and generosity of your guests, you could end up with service for eight to twelve, plus service pieces.

Weeks before my wedding, the Hudson truck was frequently seen at my parents house, delivering wedding gifts.  These were opened by myself and my future husband and displayed on my mother’s dinning room table for friends, neighbors, and relatives to view.

Today hardly anyone wants Fine China or Crystal glasses, they are not compatible with automatic dishwashers.  Many couples today already have most household items as have already been living on their own.

Registration today for the happy couple will include yard tools and various cooking utensils from stores such as Target, Walmart, and William Sonoma.  Registering for parts of their honeymoon is another clever addition.

Today I still have all my China, Crystal glasses, and silverware, not used, sitting high up in a cupboard, because I too,  would rather put everything into my dishwasher.