I have been de-cluttering  my closets for the last several months.  Not having a great deal of progress.  For example, I put a turkey platter aside to get rid of, (it was an inexpensive platter, white with a raised turkey design in the center), but then I started to remember when my mother gave it to me.  It was the first year of my marriage and I used that platter for years.  It wasn’t just that memory but brought to the surface all the memories of parents sharing Thanksgiving dinner, a time when my children were little and my husband and I had our hopes and dreams for the future.  The platter is still with me.

It is true that one still has the memories, but the memories are numerous and the catalyst is the item.  Another example is decorating the Christmas tree.  Last year I gave members of my family some of my ornaments that I thought would have special meaning to them.  However, I kept the ones that brought to my mind the most treasured memories as each one has a story.   Sometimes placing these ornaments on the tree make me smile as I remember not only the giver but the happiness when I received them.  Other times it brings tears to my eyes as the giver is no longer here.  Regardless, I cherish all the memories happy or sad and will carefully keep them for the next year.

I will continue to purge my closets, though the process is slow.  Each item I get rid of deserves to be remembered though maybe not kept.

I found the following in my desk drawer, good thoughts to live by.

The Secret To Happiness Is Such

Erase past failures                                                                                                                           Find a goal                                                                                                                                      Practice patience                                                                                                                            Never give up                                                                                                                                  Have many friends                                                                                                                        Overwhelm enemies with kindness                                                                                           Jest ewwhen depressed                                                                                                                Win and lose fairly                                                                                                                        Marvel at the wonders of nature                                                                                                Yearn for peace of mind                                                           Author unknown


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