When I was as young as four my chore was to do dusting.  Mostly all the low areas, table legs, chair rungs, etc.  I couldn’t wait to move up to other chores like my sisters did such as changing sheets.

As I got older chores did change.  My sisters and I would rotate cleaning up after dinner; one would clear the table which included scrapping plates for garbage (no garbage disposals at that time) and sweeping the floor, another would wash the dishes, this included heating a large pot filled with water to wash the dishes as we did not have an automatic water heater.  The dishes were rinsed with cold running water and placed on sink counter for the next one to do their job of drying the dishes and putting them away.

We often fooled around during clean up time and were reminded by our parents to get busy.

So to answer the second part of question, to this day I’m not a fan of dusting, it just keeps coming back.  I also hated washing the dishes and pots and pans because the water cooled rapidly and I did not like the cold water rinse.  However, I remember fondly the time my sisters and I got silly, laughed and sometimes argued over whose turn it was to do a specific chore.

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