There are several outstanding things I remember.  My mother was a great baker, she baked twice a week Wednesdays and Saturdays. She made pies, cream puffs and light fluffy cakes.  The baking she did on Wednesdays were my favorite, it was just me and my mother, my three older siblings were all in school so I must have been three or four.

I didn’t help her bake but got to watch, I especially liked her cakes, maybe that’s why cake is my favorite dessert to this day.  Mom didn’t have an electric mixer, it was all done by hand.  She would sift the flour several times, the sifter had a hand crank on the side.  Sometimes she measured and other times she just knew how much to add.  Once all the ingredients were together in the bowl, then she would hand beat the batter, I remember her saying this was her exercise.  I’m sure the lightness of her cakes was the skill in which she could beat that batter.  Into the greased and floured cake pans then into the oven.  The cake pans had a narrow metal bar that lay flat from the center of the pan with a small tab along the rim of the pan.  This turned 360 degrees around the bottom of the pan once the cake was baked to help loosen it.  I was always fascinated by this.

My mother prepared the frosting pretty much the same way, sifting the sugar and beating by hand til it was the right consistency.

After the cake was cooled and frosted there was always some icing left in the bowl.  That’s what I waited for.  My mother always gave me the bowl and told me not to tell my sisters I got to lick the bowl.  I remember watching my sisters come home from school and probably thought it was a good idea to deny having licked the icing bowl, so I said, “I didn’t lick the bowl.”  

And that is one of my earliest memories.

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