Question:  What fads do you remember from your youth.

There were two specific fads I remember well.  Both were when I was in Junior High (Middle School).  One started with three girls who started to wear gray confederate caps.  They wore them throughout the day, in every class.  Within the week there were at least double the girls wearing these caps and soon just about everyone began buying and wearing these caps, boys as well as the girls.

I did not participate in this fad only because I didn’t have the $2.00 to buy the cap and my parents did not indulge me my giving me the $2.00.  There were a few of us who did not have this cap, probably for the same reason.

I don’t remember how long the fad lasted, probably only that semester but, to a young teenager it seemed to last forever of which I was not a part of  but, these many years later can appreciate not being a participant.

The other fad that I did participate in was having a lightweight white jacket.  I think I got one for my birthday and then with a permanent black ink pen, friends, classmates and anyone you could get signed your jacket.  It was cool to have your jacket covered with signatures.  I loved it, but my older sister thought I ruined a good jacket. 

One thought on “50 LIFE QUESTIONS”

  1. I didn’t see those fads in my school, but a friend of mine wore a thin black tie (men’s) with a white, button-down-collar oxford shirt. Soon, girls were wearing ties all over school. Pennies in your loafers, saddle shoes, shirtwaist dresses, initialed circle pins, and Peter Pan collars were popular. I remember Mom made many of my clothes – careful to match the plaid at the seam. To this day, when I see mismatched patterns at the seam (of cheap AND expensive clothes), I sniff arrogantly. We also had “monogrammed” fabric tags sewn into our clothes, because most moms made at least some clothing, and many of us went to summer camps. Also, we used brown paper grocery bags to cover our textbooks which we could then decorate to our liking. This has sent me spinning (delightfully) into a past I’ve nearly forgotten! Thanks


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