As I was preparing for some elective surgery few years ago, my granddaughter prepared a notebook for me titled ” Fifty Life Questions”.  During my recovery time, I answered most of the questions, but I still have some to go.  Writing my responses to her questions really helped me focus on the changes through the years.  I will share these questions and responses from time to time on this site.

QUESTION :  What is my favorite book/movie and why?  

I have read several books that I really loved: “Brave New World” and “To Kill A Mocking Bird” are among my favorites, but my most favorite is “Gone With The Wind”.  This is also my favorite movie.

I loved it from the first line.  The history of the old south, the hardships of the Civil War, the story of survival and perseverance.  Scarlett O’Hara is a strong character throughout the book, and the author had a unique way of putting you right in the story.   I cried at the end and felt drained, but, after all, “tomorrow is another day”.




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