Then and Now: Weddings



I was married over fifty years ago and remembering planning my wedding is interesting comparing “then and now”.

One of the big changes is registration for wedding gifts.  I remember going to the J.L.Hudson store, downtown Detroit to select my Fine China, Crystal and Silverplate dinnerware.  This was pretty much what the registry was all about, place settings were expensive and someone could get one or two place settings, or two or more of your crystal, [mine was registering for water, champagne and wine].   With the luck and generosity of your guests, you could end up with service for eight to twelve, plus service pieces.

Weeks before my wedding, the Hudson truck was frequently seen at my parents house, delivering wedding gifts.  These were opened by myself and my future husband and displayed on my mother’s dinning room table for friends, neighbors, and relatives to view.

Today hardly anyone wants Fine China or Crystal glasses, they are not compatible with automatic dishwashers.  Many couples today already have most household items as have already been living on their own.

Registration today for the happy couple will include yard tools and various cooking utensils from stores such as Target, Walmart, and William Sonoma.  Registering for parts of their honeymoon is another clever addition.

Today I still have all my China, Crystal glasses, and silverware, not used, sitting high up in a cupboard, because I too,  would rather put everything into my dishwasher.

One thought on “Then and Now: Weddings”

  1. I still use select pieces, but the full dining table set up is long gone. I wonder, sometimes, if trading elegance for practicality is a trade up or a trade down. I know that boxes of unused items stored around the house are no good to anyone. Your last lines are always strong. You have a good sense of closure – very satisfying.


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