As I have aged I have gone through many challenges and decisions.  I have made my mistakes but have always tried to learn from them, what would be called a “teachable moment”.

Be true to yourself.  Stand up for what you believe in, while respecting others.  Believe in yourself that you are worthy and love yourself for who you are, recognize your faults as well as your assets, own who you are.  Know that others may not always agree with you or like you, learn to be comfortable with that.

Be honest and trustworthy.  If you are not you are only cheating yourself.  This does not mean insulting others, always try to be diplomatic and respectful.  Do not have others lose their trust in you, it can be difficult to regain.

Be fair and consistent.  Treat others fairly,  this does not mean equally as each decision may require different outcomes.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.






Over the years I find I come back to favorites when meal planning.  Some of these are favorites of my family also.

Chicken is my second most favorite meat and it is the most versatile and healthy choice.  I will share my Cracker-Coated Chicken recipe which is easy and can be prepared ahead of time.

Ingredients:  4 to 6 pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  (You can also use cut chicken parts with bone and skin. About 2 cups of finely crushed saltine crackers.  3/4 to 1 cup of grated parmesan cheese.  About 1/2 cup of dried parsley.   1 to 2 sticks of melted butter.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Rinse and pat dry chicken pieces.  Mix together crackers, cheese and parsley in shallow pan. Melted butter in another  pan.  Dip chicken pieces in butter and then into cracker mixture to coat evenly.  Place on lightly sprayed cookie sheet.  Pour any remaining butter over chicken pieces.   (You do not need to salt chicken as salt is already in crackers and cheese).

Bake 45 min. until golden brown.  May be prepared ahead of time, cover and refrigerate, leave at room temperature 15 min. before baking.

Healthier version:  substitute extra virgin olive oil for butter.




There were different things at different times of my life.  When I was young television would be my answer.  Before TV we had favorite programs on the radio.  Us children would sit around our  large cabinet radio on Friday nights and listen to programs such as Inner Sanctum; The Whistler; and The Shadow.  Much like the TV series today we were left with cliff hanger endings till the next episode.

In the fifties when we got a ten inch TV screen within a large cabinet that took up the corner of our living room we gathered around this and watched our programs.  There were three channels, none came in clearly unless someone stood near the TV and had their hand on top.  My brilliant father solved this my making a long wire rod from floor to a right angle of rod touching the corner of the TV.  We enjoyed programs such as wrestling (every Friday night), Milton Berle, and I remember Mama.  My father made a bookcase out of our radio cabinet.

As I got older my Kenmore sewing machine, with embroidery stitch options, and versatile zigzag stitch would be my answer.  I sewed my clothes, my children’s clothes, my husband sport coats and even got into drafting my own patterns and some designing.  I had such a passion and excitement to create.  I still have this sewing machine today though it is retired,  a great reminder of my creativity.

Today I would answer my robots.  My robots make my life easier.  You would recognize them under different names.  Automatic washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, self defrost freezer and ice maker, my oven that can delay start and shut off by setting a button.  I don’t own a Roomba as I have all hardwood floors, but I am sure if my home were carpeted that would be another robot I would have.

Tomorrows inventions will be built upon today’s inventions as today’s were built on  yesterdays inventions.  They all probably go back to the invention of the wheel.



About a month ago I took a significant tumble.  I was feeling good, walking well, but wasn’t paying too much attention where I was walking.  Thus the tumble.

As one gets older we don’t have the quick reflexes we did during our younger days.  Our balance is off also.  So when I tripped I went down face first.   Luckily my eyeglasses actually offered some protection as I didn’t break my nose or take a hard bump to my head.  However, I was bleeding profusely from my nose.  Any head injury does cause considerable bleeding, which is disconcerting to those who are witness.  Although the couple who aided me will unlikely read this blog, I do want to thank them for their help.

I do want to pass on a few recommendations to those who fall and those who assist them. First of all do not be in a hurry to get up, sometimes an injury could be more involved and you need to assess yourself.  Did you lose consciousness, even momentarily?  Do you have any sharp pain, can you move all your extremities?  Is there immediate deep bruising, especially in your abdomen, this can signal internal bleeding.  Any deep gash or laceration causing profuse bleeding.  These are all signs of more severe injury and in need of medical intervention.

Now in my case none of the above applied except for copious bleeding from my nose.  If you get hit in the nose, there will be lots of bleeding.  Not necessary to make an immediate trip to the ER unless you happen to be on blood thinner medication.  When a person’s nose is bleeding, do not tilt the head back, this does not stop the bleeding but only redirects it down one’s throat.  Hold head straight and pinch just below bridge of nose, bleeding will slow and eventually stop.  At that time one can gently blow their nose as clots may have formed.

I was sore for at least two weeks.  Healing takes time, be good to yourself and don’t rush it.   Lesson  learned; I will stay focused on my surroundings and slow down.

Good Health




As I am preparing for the Christmas holidays I always remember Christmas as the Four F’s; Family, Friends, Food and Festivity.  This was true of all the holidays we used to celebrate.  However, of all the holidays Christmas was by far the most elaborate.

We always had a fresh pine Christmas tree which was put up the week before Christmas.  There we no mini lights then so we had strings of the larger lights and very traditional ornaments, red rope and tinsel finished off the decorations.  My mother always bought five ropes of red cinnamon candy which was wrapped around the tree, sometimes popcorn balls and candy canes.  We would get these treats when the tree came down.  Something we kids looked forward to.

My sisters and I used to play games involving the Christmas tree, such as trying to guess which ornament we were looking at, sometimes when pointing out the ornament it would fall and break which brought a loud TSK from mom.  We all bought gifts for each other, they were wrapped and placed under the tree which always added to the excitement and anticipation for Christmas morning.

I remember Christmas Eve dinner as mom preparing all kinds of fish, we followed the Catholic tradition of no meat on the eve.  In later years meat was allowed on Christmas Eve and our menu changed with it.  Lasagne, chicken, ham, sausage, salads, cookies and chocolate pie.

Mom kept up the tradition of the Four F’s for decades ending when she announced she was not physically able to continue.  Then my siblings and myself picked up the celebration.  Today I prepare Christmas Eve celebration with my children and grandchildren with a modified menu my mother set and I hope my family will have the fond memories of Christmas that I still remember.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year.



As I have this ongoing project of decluttering my closets and drawers I came across a paper of MURPHY’S LAW.  During this season of bussiness and haste I want to share some of the Murphy’s Law quotes.

Murphy was an optimist.

“There’s never time to do it right, but there’s time to do it over.”                                         “The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an oncoming train.”                       “If everything seems to be going well, you obviously don’t know what the hell is going on.”                                                                                                                                          “Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference.”                                       “A short cut is the longest distance between two points.”                                                     “Where you stand on an issue depends on where you sit.”                                                   “If you’re feeling good, don’t worry, you’ll get over it'”                                                          “In case of doubt make it sound convincing.”                                                                           “Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.”                                                                   Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”                                                                           “If more “one person is responsible for a miscalculation, no one will be at fault.”         And my favorite, “Everyone should believe in something–I believe I’ll have another drink.”

Take the time  to enjoy this beautiful Christmas season and slow down.




I have been de-cluttering  my closets for the last several months.  Not having a great deal of progress.  For example, I put a turkey platter aside to get rid of, (it was an inexpensive platter, white with a raised turkey design in the center), but then I started to remember when my mother gave it to me.  It was the first year of my marriage and I used that platter for years.  It wasn’t just that memory but brought to the surface all the memories of parents sharing Thanksgiving dinner, a time when my children were little and my husband and I had our hopes and dreams for the future.  The platter is still with me.

It is true that one still has the memories, but the memories are numerous and the catalyst is the item.  Another example is decorating the Christmas tree.  Last year I gave members of my family some of my ornaments that I thought would have special meaning to them.  However, I kept the ones that brought to my mind the most treasured memories as each one has a story.   Sometimes placing these ornaments on the tree make me smile as I remember not only the giver but the happiness when I received them.  Other times it brings tears to my eyes as the giver is no longer here.  Regardless, I cherish all the memories happy or sad and will carefully keep them for the next year.

I will continue to purge my closets, though the process is slow.  Each item I get rid of deserves to be remembered though maybe not kept.

I found the following in my desk drawer, good thoughts to live by.

The Secret To Happiness Is Such

Erase past failures                                                                                                                           Find a goal                                                                                                                                      Practice patience                                                                                                                            Never give up                                                                                                                                  Have many friends                                                                                                                        Overwhelm enemies with kindness                                                                                           Jest ewwhen depressed                                                                                                                Win and lose fairly                                                                                                                        Marvel at the wonders of nature                                                                                                Yearn for peace of mind                                                           Author unknown